Choir Tour

New York city skyline silhouette
This year we are planning to go to New York City for our choir tour.  Information will be given out at the parents meeting.  Please plan to attend:

September 12th @ 7:30 PM (directly following parent teacher conferences)

PGHS Auditorium

The meeting should only last about 30-40 minutes and I will be available afterward to answer any questions.  I will also be posting all the information on this page as soon as it’s available.

If you can’t come to the meeting or your student is not planning to participate, it’s still vital that we receive your vote. Click HERE to submit an electronic vote (preferred) or download and complete the Parent Consent Form and send it back with your student. Please remember that voting yes DOES NOT obligate your student to go on the trip. Participation is optional.

Final Commit and Financial Commit 2019
Medical Form 2019
Proposed Tour 2019
Student Overnight Trips Parent Approval 2019


Payments are broken down by class and student number.  Payments in yellow represent fundraiders.

Student numbers in green mean paperwork is complete. Student numbers in yellow means paperwork has been turned in but is not complete. Student numbers not highlighted means that paperwork has not been submitted.

February 19, 2019

A Cappella Choir NYC – February 19

Advanced Women’s Choir NYC – February 19

Chamber Choir NYC – February 19

Chaperones NYC – February 19

Men’s Choir NYC – February 19

Women’s Choir NYC – February 19

Rooming List (February 11) Color represents flights
Room Assignments 2019