Beginning Guitar

Welcome to the Beginning Guitar page.  Be sure to join our texting group by sending “@pgguitar” to 81010 in your texting app or Click Here on your computer, smart phone or tablet.

Beginning Guitar Disclosure Document
Beginning Guitar Letter

Practice Reports must be submitted each week.  Follow the link below and log into your SKYWARD account to access the online assignment.  Mark each statement that applies as ‘true.’  If you practiced for your 60 minutes then you would mark all statements as ‘true’ except number 1.


Guitar Make Up

1/3 – Disclosure; Parts of the Guitar; Terminology

1/5 – Quiz on Parts and Terms; Tuning

1/9 – Tuning Quiz; Notes/TAB on string 1

1/11 – Tuning; Warm Up; Review of notes/TAB on string 1; Notation Assignment; TAB assignment

1/16 – Tuning; Warm Up; Review of Notes/TAB; Intro to rhythm; “Time and Picking Study”

1/18 – Tuning; Warm Up; Rhythm/Time Signature Review; Music Math Worksheet; Notes/TAB on string #2; Assigned “Using All The Notes” and “Song of Joy”

1/22 – Tuning Warm Up; Rhythm Quiz; Note/TAB Review;  Three Fishermen 

1/24 – Tuning; Warm Up; Note/TAB Review; Chords G, G7, C; Assigned chord progression on “Three Fishermen”

1/26 – Tuning; Warm Up; Chord Review (G, G7, C); “Three Fishermen” duet practice; Pass off “Three Fishermen” duet

1/30 – Tuning; Warm Up; Note Review; Chord Review; Dots and Ties – PG 32; Assigned “Study” on PG 32; Notes on 3rd String – PG 35; Students can choose one of the four melodies on PG 35 to pass off (Note: Playing “Running the Strings” will only be worth 8/10 points)

2/1 – Tuning; Warm Up; Finished assignments on pages 32 and 35

2/5 – Tuning; Warm Up; Student Choice – PG 36; Parts were assigned for Trio – PG 34

2/7 – Tuning; Warm Up; Note/TAB review; e min, D – PG 38; TAB on three strings – PG 18

2/9 – Tuning; Warm Up; Test Prep; Finished playing tests on pages 32, 35, 36 & 18

2/13 – Tuning; Warm Up; Test Review; MIDTERM EXAM; Notes on 4th String – PG 52; 4th String Student Choice – PG 53; 4th String TAB – PG 49

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