Well another school year is upon us.  I’m sure that we are all excited to be back and make 2013-2014 the best year ever.

For those of you that are returning, welcome back!  This year is going to be amazing.  I hope that you are returning with a sense of pride in our great choir program and a desire to work hard and be the best you can be.  Remember that your success or failure this year is up to you.

For those of you just coming into the program at PGHS, I welcome you.  You have big shoes to fill and an incredible adventure ahead of you.  I hope that you will be willing to step into this new experience with a desire to do your best and be your best.

Check this website often for rehearsal recordings, announcements and assignments.

Have a GREAT YEAR Vikings!

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Choir Tour 2014

The choirs recently returned from a successful tour to southern California.  Highlights of the trip include performances at Disneyland, workshops at UCLA and CSULB, and performances at the Music in the Parks festival.  The choirs performed well and were given the following awards:

1st place – Chamber Choir

1st place – Renaissance Choir

1st place – A Cappella Choir

1st place – Men’s Choir

1st place – Adv. Women’s Choir

2nd place – Women’s Choir

Best Overall Choir – Chamber Choir

Esprit de Corps Award

As part of the festival we received recorded comments from our adjudicators.   Comments are linked below:

A Cappella – Don Morris

A Cappella – Julie Ramsey

Adv. Women – Shelby Grimm

Adv. Women – Stan DeWitt

Chamber Choir – Don Morris

Chamber Choir – Julie Ramsey

Madrigals – Stan DeWitt

Madrigals – Shelby Grimm

Men’s – Shelby Grimm

Men’s – Stan DeWitt

Women’s – Shelby Grimm

Women’s – Stan DeWitt

We were also able to workshop with Dr. Adam Con from CSULB, Dr. Rebecca Lord from UCLA and renown composer Sydney Guillaume.  You can listen to each workshop below:

CSULB – Dr. Adam Con

Sydney Guillaume Workshop

UCLA – Dr. Rebecca Lord


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Festival Concert 2014

Here is a recording of the festival concert from March 19th.  If you were not in class when we completed the concert evaluation you can access the recording here.

Festival Concert 2014

You will also need to print and complete the evaluation form.

Choral Evaluation Form

Please return the form by Monday, March 24th.

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Choir Audition Results

Here are the results of the auditions.  Be sure to check all the lists.  If you have questions please feel free to come and talk with me.


Mr. Wilcock

A Cappella 2014-2015

Advanced Womens Choir 2014-2015

Men’s Choir 2014-2015

Women’s Choir 2014-2015

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Term 2 Skills Final

If you missed the final we took in class you can print and complete it at home.  Here are the instructions:

1.  Question 1 – draw and label the balance diagram as explained in class

2.  Question 2 -draw and label each basic vowel.  Be sure to include the shape and vowel sound

3.  Label each scale and identify each problematic syllable.

4.   Identify each interval and record you answer left to right.

Interval Recordings

Term 2 Final Exam

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Christmas Concert

Choral Evaluation Form

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Fall Concert

Here is the recording of the concert from October 16th.  If you did not have a chance in class to watch the recording and fill out the evaluation, you can print one by clicking here.  Be sure to fill it out and turn it in by Oct. 25th.

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Choir Tour Paperwork

The following PDF documents reflect all of the paperwork distributed during our parents meeting on September 25th.  Please read each document carefully.  I will need the Parental Vote form back as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please email me at:  jwilcock@alpinedistrict.org.

1. 2014 Choir Tour Proposal and Itinerary

This document contains a proposed itinerary, cost breakdown per student and chaperone and all of the financial obligations associated with the trip.

2.  Chaperone FAQ Choir Tour 2014

This document answers questions for parents interested in being a chaperone.  Please print the document, fill out the interest form at the bottom and return it to me if you would like more information.

3.  Medical and Financial Form Choir Tour 2014

This document will need to be printed, completed and notarized.  Return this document to Mr. Wilcock by January 24, 2014, if you are DEFINITELY going.  Once this document is turned in, you are 100% committed.  No backing out!  I will need this form for chaperones as well.

4.  Parental Vote Form Choir Tour 2014

Please print, complete and return this form ASAP.  I would strongly encourage everyone to be supportive of the proposal.  Giving your support does NOT obligate you or your student to participate.



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